How to Avoid Mistakes in No Limit Poker

August 3, 2009


It is rightly believed that poker is a game that one can never master. Even the biggest champions of poker commit mistakes. But what distinguishes a champion and a normal player is the way in which they avoid mistakes. A veteran avoids most of the common mistakes and is 90% successful in avoiding larger mistakes. On the other hand, a seasoned player is able to minimize the common mistakes but is only 10% successful in avoiding larger mistakes. This is the basic factor that distinguishes a veteran player from a seasoned player.

To avoid mistakes, one should follow a simple strategy called the “Five point strategy,” which helps individuals avoid mistakes in no limit poker. Firstly, one should practice as much as possible. During the practice sessions, one is prone to commit mistakes. These mistakes should be rightly identified with the help of a coach or a professional trainer. After understanding the mistake, one should try and admit it no matter how small or irrelevant a mistake it was. Even if it was a mistake which went unnoticed, one should try and note it down so that he/she can read his/her mistakes daily and know his/her weak points.

After that, one should, on his/her own, try and figure out a better move. After understanding the correct move, one should practice that move regularly and learn about its pros and cons and try to figure out a move that is better than the previous move. By following this pattern, one can definitely improve his/her game and move ahead with their poker career.  Although this process looks tiring and will take a long time to implement, it is of massive help during an actual game and is worth the time spent on it.

To further improve the game, one should go to free online poker sites and play against a real person. This will increase his/her confidence and increase his/her match practice, which tests one’s wits to perform in pressure situations against another human being.

To advance the development of the game even more, one needs to hire a coach and try to beat the coach. This will give the person some amount of professional help to further develop his/her game. The coach should be called on a regular basis and one should use his/her brain to its full potential to try and beat the coach. Once the person has reached a level where he/she can offer stiff competition to the coach, one should go on to the next level by participating in various tournaments.

The tournaments are very important because in different tournaments one can actually see the professionals playing and one can compare his/her game. Losing to the professionals is very important in trying to avoid the mistakes, which are extremely hard to identify for a normal human being.

Once this strategy is followed, one can definitely expect him/her to become a better poker player in the game of no limit poker as well as other variations of poker. To sum it up, poker is a game that requires an immense amount of dedication and perseverance. A proper set of rules should be followed to learn this complex game.

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